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Terms and Conditions


With this rental agreement. D. KOSMATOS L.T.D (U-SAVE CAR & TRUCK RENTAL) rents to the signatory renter the car that is mentioned to the front page of this, according to the following writtern terms and conditions which the renter fully accepts unconditionally, having full knowledge of them.


The vehicle is returned to the renter in good overall condition and without apparent defects and it is perfectly suitable for its intended use and any complains as to its condition must be made to U-SAVE immediately on delivery. The renter agrees to return the car to U-SAVE with all documents, tools and accessories of the car and in the same condition at the location and the date designated in this agreement, otherwise renter shall be responsible to compensale U-SAVE in addittion to the normal rental charge, additional compensation for any conswquential positive or not loss from the delay of its return and the damage caused to the vehicle. U-SAVE reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without demand at renter's expense, if vehicle is used in violation of this agreement or existing provisions generally or in a manner contrary to usual transactions or good faith.

2. DAMAGES e.t.c

a) In any event of loss or damage to vehicle or third party (including the passengers) renter has to pay to U-SAVE the amount of all resulting and expenses, if he or the authorized driver violates the terms and conditions of this rental agreement which are all essential, legal or police regulations or insurance regulations intentionally or recklessly, carelessness even slightly or for any other reason other than gaming events. Similarly in this case, U-SAVE will be able to demand the renter apart from the amount of the rental charge and charge at least 100 kms as daily compensation until the vehicle or the replacement vehicle will be delivered to U-SAVE. It is for the renter to proof lesser damage. The renter must take care of the vehicle to protect and prevent partial or total vehicle theft and burglary of the car. Similarly, the renter is responsible for the lost of the vehicle (total damage, theft, fire e.t.c) by any way, the value of which shall be immediately restored, even if the loss is due to negligence.

In all other cases:

b) Renter is not liable for loss of or damage to vehicle cause of fire or theft partial or total (unless cause through his or authorised driver's fault or omission or negligence even light negligence) if the renter or the authorised driver has accepted the relevant insurance cover paid the appropriate extra charge and meet the relevant conditions referred to in article 7 of this agreement.

c) Renter's responsibility for direct and accidental loss or damage from collision, is waived by U-SAVE when Renter accepts Collision Damage Waiver at time of rental by initialling in the accept box on the reverse side of this page if Renter does not accept C.D.W his responsibility remains.

d) Any damages, on tires (wheels), mirrors, antennas damages on the upper and underside of the vehicle, on the roof, the hood (for the cabrio vehicles) as well as the interior of the car (burning, tearing, stains, sand e.t.c) are not covered by Collision Damage Waiver (in any case) even if the renter or the authorised driver has accepted or not accepted Collision Damage Waiver.

e) Damages during transport of the car on ships, ferry boats.

f) Renter is responsible for any further damages not covered by the insurance Policy.


Renter shall pay U-SAVE on demand at the beginning of the rental unless agreed otherwise the sum of:

A) All time and mileage charges on the basis of the values referred in this agreement.

B) All basic delivery and collection charges, regarding this agreement.

C) Any state taxes and service fees on the rental.

D) Any expenses of U-SAVE including attorney's fees, delayed interest due on late payment of nay sums of this rental.

E) Any Fines, penalties and other charges imposed or will impose on U-SAVE infringements on car use by the renter, unless such breach is liable to U-SAVE. In the last case the renter or the authorised driver will remain liable for any unlawful acts.

F) Any amount for replacement of destroyed tyres, repairing mechanical damages and damage on the body of the vehicle.

G) The fixed amount of 20 euro referred to the front side of this rental agreement as the title ''service of refuelling'' unless the renter returns the vehicle with the same lavel of fuel as he received as well as the charge for the amount of fuel missing.

H) All charges are subject to final audit.

I) The renter gives to this specific mandate and authorization to U-SAVE to charge declared in this agreement credit card, any amount required to repair the damage of the vehicle, including and the cost of replacing the vehicle in case of loss, partial or total theft destruction e.t.c. If losses are not covered by the insurance coverage the renter will choose, accepting from now these charges as fair and reasonable and fully responsive in the value of granting and antiparoxh and the costs of repairing the damages on the vehicle of U-SAVE, the renter gives up the all rights to deny or contest these charges, or make a negative statement to the paying bank.


The renter is obliged to look after the vehicle carefully, to check its mechanical condition, oil, water, tyres e.t.c. Any repair of the vehicle by renter himself or any other party designated by renter is not allowed without prior written authorization of U-SAVE.

In particular vehicle must not be used:

a) To carry persons or property for hire.

b) To haul or to tow any vehicle or other object.

c) In race, test generally.

d) On unpaved roads.

e) For sublease in third party.

f) While renter or any other authorised driver of the vehicle is under the influnces alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, barbiturates, or any substance infecting his consiousness or ability to drive.

g) By any person other than renter unless such person has been previously designated and authorised by U-SAVE in the space provided on the front page of this agreement.

h) To transfer or carry heavy luggage or objects, flammable materials staining or smelly items, drugs e.t.c. Violator of this rule is liable jointly with the renter or the authorised driver of the vehicle.

i) For illegal purposes or objects to Greek laws.

j) For transfer the vehicle in ships.

k) Outside Greece without the advence written authorization of U-SAVE.

l) The renter is prohibited to remove or otherwise destroy the adhesive label indications of U-SAVE that there are on the car, otherwise the renter is obliged to pay for recovering an amount of 30 euro.


If renter wishes to prolong the rental period of the vehicle, he has to contact U-SAVE in writing at least 48 hours before the initial expire time of the rental to obtain written permission for the additional rental period. Failing to do so will make renter liable civily and penalty for illegal use and possession of the vehicle. In case of xtension renter shall be bount by the therms and conditions of the first agreement as well as the terms of the extension of the rental period agreed by U-SAVE whether it is the same car or another given for replacement vehicle. Charge after the first agreed expire of the rental agreement is defined by U-SAVE.

If the renter wishes to lessen the rental period and to return the vehicle earlier than the agreed date of return, he is obliged to inform U-SAVE in writing at least 48 hours the new expire of the rental in this case U-SAVE under no circumstances is obliged to refund any part of the amount of money that renter has paid for the rental for the days that the renter did not use the vehicle. Any costs for the pick up of the car anywhere apart from the office of U-SAVE is paid by the renter.


U-SAVE is only responsible for loss or damage suffered by renter or Third Parties during the lease if they are due to intent or negligence of U-SAVE. In all other cases no responsibility and no claim can be brought against U-SAVE can never be liable for lost profits or consequential damages or renter's loss of income.


In case of any accident or any incident (fire, theft e.t.c) renter is responsible within 24 hours to follow the insurance procedures as set out below:

a) Call the police so as to identify any fault of third parties and to take care of any injured.

b) Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses as well as any relevant documents or information by any person.

c) Do not acknowledge third party claims.

d) Contact U-SAVE by phone or any other means.

e) To fill in and sign report of damage.

f) Send to U-SAVE any other document or information relative to the accident.

g) To wait at the place of the accident the police and the insurance services to fill in the report of accident and describe the accident.

h) To take care of the car and not leave all the above procedures are done.


a) U-SAVE provides insurance coverage for persons using vehicle with the permission of U-SAVE with insurance contract that renter checked and accepted its terms and conditions.

b) Renter, additional authorised drivers and passengers are not covered by personal accident insurance unless renter accepts Personal Accident Insurance at the time of rental initialling in Accept box on the front page having agreed to the terms stated in the insurance contract as referred to the official brochure.

c) Luggage insurance is not available and renter is responsible for any loss or damage of property belonging to the passengers and U-SAVE has no responsibility for their loss or damages well as the passengers have to be careful not to have their personal objects in an evident place in the car so as burglary of the vehicle is avoided. Otherwise there are the exceptions referred to paragraph 7 a,b for negligence.


Renter consents to the computer storage of this personal data U-SAVE is authorised to pase on such data in such cases where any statement made by renter is incorrect of where renter violates this agreement.


a) Vehicle is always the property of U-SAVE – D. KOSMATOS L.T.D. This is an agreement of rental only. Renter is not lessor's agent for any purpose. Renter acknowledges that he acquires no rights other than those stated in this agreement.

b) All additional authorised drivers are jointly and severally liable with the renter under this agreement.

c) Likewise, in case that this agreement is signed by any representative of the renter who would be jointly and severally responsible with the renter.

d) This agreement supersedes any other written or oral agreement between U-SAVE and renter.

e) U-SAVE can not waive any of its rights dering from the law and this agreement.


Any disputes that may arise from the rental between U-SAVE and renter, will be under dealing with competent courts of Athens.


By his/her initials Renter agrees to pay an additional fee calculated on daily basis, according to the current tariff.


Renter has to pay the deductible per accident/damage, that is defined by U-SAVE, if he accepts the relevant terms and conditions of collision damage waiver by his signature and pays an additional amount calculated on daily basis according to the current tariff, on the condition that customer during the period of the rental will comply with all the regulations of the Traffic Law and any other regulation in force as well as with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The present is an agreement subsidiary to the renter agreement and for acceptance is should be signed by renter and the representative of U-SAVE in the space provided on the front side of the agreement.


The renter is charged with 30 euro in case of accident when it is his fault. This amount is not refundable.


The renter is responsible for paying penalties for parking or traffice offences during the rental days. In case of not paying the fees from the renter and U-SAVE has to pay for them, renter has to pay apart from the fines, also an extra cost of 50 euro for management services. Also in case of police having removed number plates of the rental car, renter will be charged for the rental days until U-SAVE collects the number plates back from the police department.

U-SAVE has the right to charge customer's credit card for the payment any



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